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Tieraa Resorts

60 kms from Chennai, alon the eastern coast, one comes to the beautiful and mythical city of Mamallapuram. Steeped in ancient lore abd abound with centuries old architectural marvels, this city is truly a delight to behold. Take in the sunset on the sun-kissed beaches, set against the rock carved shore temple - an archaelogist's dream that hasn't revealed all her secrets yet.

And against this wondrous and mystical backdrop rises one of the most beautiful and luxurious townships in the land - Tierra Resorts

Let your toes sink into the pliant sands of the beach, or soak up a mystery along the coast. Pedal out in a bicycle, simply taking in the sights or just stay at home and taste the good life of Tierra's super luxurious cottages and bungalows. Whatever yoo do though, one thing's for sure. You bare in for the best time of your life.

When you are at Tierra you are never too far away. Just 3 kms from Mamallapuram, along the Tirukalukundram Road, the loacation offers you easy access to public transport, taxi services and the nearby East coast and the IT highways.

Discover the good life.

Enjoy the resort like facilities that are available in this unique little paradise. Take a dip in the spacious swimming pool or watch your kids have a ball in the children's park. In the mood for an early morning jaunt? Go ahead and indulge yourself.

And if all the exertion leaves you with a mighty appetite, try the sumptuous fare at the multi-cuisine restaurant - mouth watering, delicious and simply overwhelming.

The stuff of memories

Each unit has been designed with you in mind.

Spacious and well lit , the cottages afford you all the privacy and personal space you desire. While its plush and ultra luxurious interioirs ensure that you never compromise on comfort.

These cottages have also been equipped with the most modern amenities abd have been constructed to maximise ventilation ad natural light.

All these and more to make your stay just the right shade of perfect and more.

NRI Residency

Quality living spaces for you and your family.

Creating a lifestyle of excellence and luxury.
You can enjoy the freedom of molding a home according to your exquisite tastes and needs. Bask in the glory of your creation - a home that is like no other.

Convenience and comforts are right in your hand.
Tieraa NRI Residency is home to established colleges and easily accessible to Tindivanam Railway Station, you will be surrounded by excellent transport amenities amongst this vibrant and lively neighbourhood.

Take a delightful outing with your family.
Our landscape offers a serene environment, amidst lush greeneries. Itís a place where urbanites can experience the joys of being close to the nature.

Offering over 100 living spaces, itís an ideal place for home and investment property.

NRI City

Embrace a Fresh New Lifestyle at Tieraa NRI City...

Experience the comfort and convenience of being surrounded by a host of established schools and transport amenities at Tindivanam.

Be thrilled by the convenience of excellent amenities and facilities right at your very doorstep.

Hassle-free living for you and your family.
Truly Blissful Living. The ideal call home.

Build your Heavenly Paradise.
Indulge the finer things in life with the spaciousness, extravagance and exclusivity of these living space. You can soak in the splendour of a perfect sunset from your very own private roof terrace.

Tieraa NRI City.
The perfect space to suit the needs of your family, your personality and your lifestyle. Quite literally, the height of luxury.

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